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Your life insurance can work for you today, when you really need it. We can put the benefits into your hands now.

Having accessible cash is not only valuable but necessary, especially if you face a life-threatening illness or are approaching retirement. It leaves you free to focus on what counts: yourself and the people you love. Free to really live your life with the money you need for medical care, alternative treatments, and a comfortable lifestyle when you can no longer work. For some, a life settlement will fit their needs. For others a viatical settlement is the better option. We make it easy. Now in our second decade, Individual Benefits focuses on what is best for the individual. Nationally licensed as a viatical settlement and a life settlement broker with long standing relationships with institutional and private investors, we have the leverage to get things done. It's that simple. Call 800-800-3264 for more information.

First, though, let us show you all your options -- even those beyond viatical settlements or life settlements -- so you can decide what's best for you. We take it personally.  Our name is our promise. Individual Benefits has helped thousands of people much like you -- one person at a time, one solution at a time. Our job, and our commitment as an independent resource of proven integrity, is to negotiate the greatest possible benefits for the individual, without a fee.


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Life Insurance Benefits for the Living Insured TM

Life Insurance Settlements ? The Secondary Market for Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Settlement Industry exists because it provides a unique financial service to policyholders in need. Simply put, Life Insurance Settlements allow policyholders to use their life insurance policy as a liquid financial asset. It involves the sale or transference of an existing life insurance policy in exchange for compensation, monetary or otherwise. It is an invaluable service for those in need of financial assistance or a timely alternative for senior individuals re-evaluating their estate planning.

The amount provided in a Life Insurance Settlement reflects the discounted future value of your life insurance proceeds. There are several important factors in the computation of a present value amount. These factors include the expected amount of time for collecting the life insurance proceeds as reflected in the insured's life expectancy estimate, the annual cost of maintaining premium payments and a discount rate.

A practical discussion on Life Insurance Settlements

Because of State regulations protecting policyholders, the Life Insurance Settlement Industry is divided according to the age and the health condition of the insured. A Viatical Settlement is provided for terminally ill individuals with a life expectancy of five years or less. A Senior Settlement (also referred to as a Life Settlement) is designed for individuals age 65 and above who have a shortened life expectancy but are not terminal.

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The Reality of the Life Insurance Settlement Market

Today, the industry continues to attract new players as other unsuccessful ones leave the marketplace. There are numerous companies that claim to be self-funded but are not. There are also many who claim they only work with Senior Settlements and not Viatical Settlements. However, a company licensed as both a Viatical and a Senior Settlement (Life Settlement) entity has access to additional sources of funds paying higher percentages to the insured.

Another important point is that some companies do not possess the systems and experience to properly underwrite a life insurance policy for a life insurance settlement. This creates unnecessary problems and delays. Additionally, many companies may attempt to transact in states that they are not duly licensed, creating the potential for problems after the transaction.

The best way to maximize your settlement amount in the most time efficient way is to work with a proven licensed Viatical and Senior Settlement firm. Since 1992 Individual Benefits has assisted over a thousand individuals in selling their life insurance policy. Individual Benefits has an impeccable record with Regulatory Agencies because we are consumer-oriented. Our success in this ever changing industry is due to our dedication to treat our customers the way we want to be treated ourselves.

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